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14 Killer Notion Dashboard Templates To Organize Your Life

Let's face it, we all struggle to keep our lives organized. Between work, family, hobbies, and personal goals, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But what if I told you there's a secret weapon that can help you regain control? Enter the world of dashboard templates – specifically, killer dashboard templates for Notion.

Notion is a powerful all-in-one workspace that allows you to create custom dashboards, databases, and wikis. And with the right templates, you can transform it into a productivity powerhouse. That's why we've curated 14 of the best dashboard templates to help you organize your life like a boss.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or your preferred beverage), and let's dive into this game-changing world of organization!

1. Tutor Starter Kit

Tutor Starter Kit

Are you a tutor? Do you have many students, lessons, and invoices? The Tutor Starter Kit is here to help you. This Notion template is made to make your tutoring business easier.

FeatureWhat it does
Student TrackingYou can easily see each student's progress. You can change how you teach them.
Lesson PlanningYou can make personalized lessons for each student.
Appointment SchedulingYou will never miss a lesson. It has a calendar and shows upcoming appointments.
Invoice ManagementYou can see invoices and their status. It makes billing easy.
Note-TakingYou have a space for writing thoughts, lesson ideas, or notes.

With the Tutor Starter Kit, you can give each student a personalized learning experience. And you can keep your business running smoothly.


2. Personal Growth Planner

Personal Growth Planner

Are you on a journey of self-discovery? The Personal Growth Planner can help you. This beautiful Notion template is made to help you reflect, set goals, and grow.

FeatureWhat it does
Self-Reflection JournalOver 250 questions to help you understand yourself better.
Ikigai DatabaseIt helps you find your reason for being. It is based on the Japanese idea of Ikigai.
Emotion ToolboxStrategies for managing emotions and being mindful.
Inspirational InsightsQuotes about love, relationships, and personal growth.

With the Personal Growth Planner, you will go on a transformative journey of self-discovery. You will learn about yourself one page at a time.


3. Simple Project Management System Notion Dashboard

Simple Project Management System Notion Dashboard

Are you a project manager? Or do you like to be organized? The Simple Project Management System Notion Dashboard is for you. This template is made to help you manage projects and tasks easily.

FeatureWhat it does
Project OverviewYou can see all your projects and their progress.
Task ManagementYou can break projects into tasks and see what is done.
Productivity BoostYou can stay focused and efficient with the system.

With its simple design, this dashboard will help you complete your to-do list and achieve your goals.


4. Notion Template Creator Dashboard

Notion Template Creator Dashboard

Are you a Notion template creator? The Notion Template Creator Dashboard is made for you. This template helps you organize your work, manage content, and launch templates faster.

FeatureWhat it does
Template ManagerAll your templates are in one place, organized.
Social Media PlannerYou can plan, schedule, and manage social media content easily.
Brainstorming ToolsNotion AI gives you new template ideas to stay inspired.
Creator ResourcesYou can access tools and resources to save time and be more productive.

With this dashboard, you can streamline your workflow, boost creativity, and grow your template business.


5. Notion Engineering Dashboard

Notion Engineering Dashboard

Engineers, listen up! The Notion Engineering Dashboard is made for you. This template helps you manage projects, tasks, and sprints. It brings transparency, collaboration, and efficiency to your team.

FeatureWhat it does
Task & Bug TrackerYou can assign tasks, fix bugs, and see everything.
Story & Epic PlannersYou can plan and assign tasks for stories and big projects.
Sprint PlannerYou can organize schedules, meet deadlines, and keep projects moving.
Notes DatabaseYou can take notes from meetings and look back at them.

With this dashboard, you can make data-driven decisions, increase productivity, and deliver great engineering work.


6. Allergy Dashboard

Allergy Dashboard

Do you or someone you know have allergies? The Allergy Dashboard can help. This Notion template helps you track allergies, symptoms, and triggers.

FeatureWhat it does
Food DiaryYou can write what you eat and any reactions or symptoms.
Allergy DocumentationYou can write down your allergies and doctor appointments.
Brand TrackingYou can see which brands are safe or unsafe for your allergies.
Customizable DesignYou can change the template for non-food allergies too.

With the Allergy Dashboard, you can see patterns, identify triggers, and take control of your allergies.


7. Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Customer Journey Map Dashboard

Are you a small business owner or marketer? The Customer Journey Map Dashboard can help you improve customer experience. It shows you the customer journey and any problems.

FeatureWhat it does
Journey MappingYou can make custom journey maps for your target customers.
Company IntegrationYou can align your goals and customers with the journey.
Insights & ResourcesYou can access resources to improve customer experience.

With this dashboard, you can understand how customers interact with your brand and make it better for them.


8. Digital Business Resources Dashboard

Digital Business Resources Dashboard

Do you want to start a successful digital business? The Digital Business Resources Dashboard can help. This Notion template has resources and guides for e-commerce.

FeatureWhat it does
Planning & StrategyYou can learn about defining your brand, research, and starting successfully.
E-Commerce EssentialsYou can learn about store design, payments, and data security.
Marketing & GrowthYou can learn about getting customers, making sales, and keeping customers.
Success TrackingYou can learn how to measure and analyze your business performance.

With this dashboard, you get unique information and proven ways to make money and succeed as an entrepreneur.


9. Starting A Digital Business Dashboard

Starting A Digital Business Dashboard

Do you want to start a digital business? The Starting A Digital Business Dashboard is your guide. This Notion template teaches you about the digital world.

FeatureWhat it does
Brand & Product DefinitionYou can define your brand and make products people want.
Market ResearchYou can learn how to research the market and competition.
Legal & Regulatory GuidanceYou can learn about laws and rules for digital businesses.
Growth StrategiesYou can learn strategies for marketing, getting customers, and growth.

With this dashboard, you get insights to succeed and make money in the digital business world.


10. Life OS Dashboard

Life OS Dashboard

Do you want to take control of your life and achieve goals? The Life OS Dashboard can help. This Notion template helps you manage projects, tasks, habits, and finance.

FeatureWhat it does
Project & Task ManagementYou can see projects and tasks clearly in boards and views.
Habit TrackingYou can build and keep healthy habits with a tracker.
Finance ManagementYou can organize your money with budgeting and expense trackers.
Goal SettingYou can set and track goals to achieve your dreams.

With the Life OS Dashboard, you have a central place to organize life, be productive, and achieve success.


11. Notion HQ Dashboard

Notion HQ Dashboard

Do you want to supercharge your productivity? The Notion HQ Dashboard by Chris is here to help. This comprehensive Notion template has an impressive 4.9-star rating from 250 users.

FeatureWhat it Does
Project Progress TrackerKeeps you updated on the status of your projects.
Finance TrackerHelps you manage your finances effectively.
Subscription TrackerTracks your subscriptions so you never miss a payment.
GTD SystemImplements the popular "Getting Things Done" productivity method.
Habit TrackerAllows you to build and maintain healthy habits.
Goal SettingSet and pursue daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

The Notion HQ Dashboard provides an aesthetic and updated system to manage every aspect of your life. It aims to streamline your productivity and help you stay organized.

Best of all, this powerful dashboard is available for free! You get lifetime access and updates included. Simply click "I want this" to go through the checkout process, provide your email, and duplicate the template to your Notion workspace.

With the Notion HQ Dashboard, you'll have a comprehensive productivity tool at your fingertips.


12. Student OS Dashboard

Student OS Dashboard

Are you a student? The Student OS Dashboard is for you. This Notion template helps you manage classes, schedules, and study materials.

FeatureWhat it does
Class & Schedule ManagementYou can track classes, assignments, and important dates.
Study ResourcesYou can make and organize notes, flashcards, and study materials.
Habit TrackingYou can develop and keep good study habits and routines.
Finance ManagementYou can organize your student finances.

With this dashboard, you can stay on top of school, streamline studying, and improve your grades.


13. Productivity Planner Bundle

Productivity Planner Bundle

Do you want to be more productive? The Productivity Planner Bundle can help. This Notion template has daily, weekly, and monthly planners.

FeatureWhat it does
Daily PlannerYou can plan your day with schedules, to-do lists, and notes.
Weekly PlannerYou can see your week and manage tasks and appointments.
Monthly PlannerYou can set monthly goals, track habits, and see the big picture.

With this bundle, you have a complete system to organize life, manage time, and achieve goals.


14. Digital Sticky Notes Dashboard

Digital Sticky Notes Dashboard

Do you have a cluttered desk with sticky notes everywhere? The Digital Sticky Notes Dashboard can help. This free Notion template organizes tasks, reminders, and information digitally.

FeatureWhat it does
Task ManagementYou can create and manage a to-do list with custom statuses.
RemindersYou can set reminders for events, deadlines, or appointments.
Information OrganizationYou can organize and store important information in one place.
Customizable DesignYou can change the template to fit your needs.

With this dashboard, you can have a clutter-free workspace and stay organized.



You do not have to feel overwhelmed trying to organize your life. These 14 killer dashboard templates for Notion can help.

There is a template for tutors, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, and more. With the right template, you can streamline productivity, manage tasks, and achieve goals.

The key is finding the right tools for you. Try different templates until you find the perfect one. With these dashboards, you can unlock a new level of organization and productivity.

So explore the templates, get organized, and achieve your dreams – one killer dashboard at a time!

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