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9 Mind-Blowing Notion Journal Templates You Can Try TODAY

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, taking a moment to pause and reflect can be a powerful tool for personal growth, self-awareness, and productivity. With the rise of digital platforms, journaling has become more accessible and customizable than ever before. One such platform that stands out is Notion, a versatile workspace that allows you to create personalized journal templates tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

This article explores 9 amazing Notion journal templates. You can try these templates today. These templates improve self-reflection. These templates improve well-being. These templates improve productivity.

1. Stoic Journal Template

Stoic Journal Template
  • Made for practicing stoicism through journaling.
  • Has a journaling dashboard. Has a quote collection system. Has writing prompts. Has journaling questions.
  • Built inside Notion. No paid plan needed.
  • Cost: $25.

The Stoic Journal Template helps you learn stoicism. Stoicism is an old philosophy. This template has tools to journal stoicism. One tool is a journaling dashboard. This shows your journaling progress. Another tool is a quote collection system. This gives you stoic quotes. The quotes inspire you. Quotes motivate your journaling journey. Writing prompts are another tool. The prompts stimulate self-reflection. Journaling questions are also included. The questions help explore stoic principles. The questions apply stoicism to daily life.

You only need Notion to use this template. No paid plan is required. This template's cost is $39.

Journaling DashboardCentral place for your journaling activities and insights.
Quote Collection SystemCollection of stoic quotes to inspire and motivate you.
Writing PromptsPrompts to stimulate self-reflection and stoic exploration.
Journaling QuestionsQuestions to explore stoic principles in daily life.

The Stoic Journal Template helps build a stoic mindset. This template harnesses journaling for growth. The $25 cost is worthwhile for anyone seeking stoicism.


2. Spiritual Growth Journal Template

Spiritual Growth Journal Template
  • Made for enhancing spiritual growth and well-being.
  • Includes prompts and features for practices like dream journaling, gratitude journaling, and shadow work.
  • Offers customizable dashboards, goal setting, and optional widgets.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced spiritual explorers.
  • No need for prior Notion experience.
  • Cost: $25

The Spiritual Growth Journal Template boosts your spiritual well-being. This template includes spiritual practices. One practice is dream journaling. This lets you record and analyze your dreams. Gratitude journaling cultivates a positive mindset. Shadow work explores your unconscious mind.

This template's dashboards can be customized. This allows you to personalize the journaling experience. Goal setting features help track your spiritual progress. Optional widgets enhance the experience too.

Dream JournalingCapture and understand your dreams for insights.
Gratitude JournalingFoster an attitude of appreciation and positivity.
Shadow WorkIntegrate your unconscious thoughts and emotions.
Customizable DashboardsTailor the dashboards to your needs.
Goal Setting FeaturesSet and monitor your spiritual growth targets.
Optional WidgetsExtra functionalities to improve the experience.

Beginners and seasoned practitioners alike can use this template. No prior Notion skills are required. This template supports your spiritual journey. The rich features are very accessible.


3. Self-Reflection Journal Inspired by "The Midnight Library"

Self-Reflection Journal
  • Inspired by the book "The Midnight Library" by Matt Haig.
  • Has over 250 prompts to reflect on different life areas.
  • Reflective journaling is used by many great thinkers.
  • Helps users make better life choices and be fulfilled.
  • Cost: $10

This Self-Reflection Journal Template draws inspiration from "The Midnight Library" by Matt Haig. The template contains over 250 journaling prompts. These prompts cover many life aspects. The prompts encourage deep reflection on your choices, values, and goals.

Great thinkers and philosophers embrace reflective journaling. Journaling provides clarity, insights, and better decisions. Adding this habit improves life fulfillment.

250+ Journaling PromptsVast collection of prompts for self-reflection on life areas.
Thought-Provoking QuestionsQuestions that challenge thinking and spark introspection.
Life Areas ExplorationPrompts exploring relationships, career, values, personal growth etc.
Multimedia IntegrationAbility to add images, audio, video to your journal entries.

Gain self-awareness like great minds. Make informed life decisions. Explore your inner world's depths. The Self-Reflection Journal Template, inspired by "The Midnight Library," guides this enlightening journey.


4. Mood Journal Notion Template

Mood Journal Notion Template
  • Tracks emotions to increase self-awareness.
  • Allows daily and monthly mood tracking.
  • Has pre-made journaling prompts and calendar/dark mode views.
  • Positive user testimonial included.
  • Cost: $20.

Our emotions deeply impact well-being and decision-making. The Mood Journal Notion Template tracks your emotions. This tool increases self-awareness. Daily and monthly mood tracking show your emotional patterns. You can identify triggers that influence your moods.

Daily Mood TrackingRecord and monitor daily emotional states.
Monthly Mood TrackingUnderstand bigger emotional patterns over time.
Pre-made Journaling PromptsPrompts to guide emotional exploration and reflection.
Calendar ViewVisualize moods in a calendar format.
Dark ModeAlter appearance for comfortable journaling.

Testimonial: "Tracking my emotions daily has given priceless insights. I understand my patterns and triggers better. This helps make mindful choices and prioritize self-care." - Sarah, satisfied user

For $20, invest in this powerful emotional awareness tool. Truly understand yourself through mood tracking.


5. Notion Self-Reflection Journal Template

Notion Self-Reflection Journal Template
  • Contains over 250 self-reflection questions.
  • Questions are divided into different depth levels.
  • Cost: $10.

Self-reflection cultivates personal growth and self-understanding. The Notion Self-Reflection Journal Template guides this transformative process. It contains over 250 insightful self-reflection questions. These questions explore thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The questions increase in depth level by level. This structure allows gradual inner exploration at your own pace.

Question LevelDescription
Level 1Surface-level questions to start self-reflection.
Level 2Intermediate questions to delve deeper into thoughts/emotions.
Level 3Advanced questions challenging perspectives and uncovering insights.

By engaging with these thought-provoking prompts, embark on self-discovery. Increase emotional intelligence and clarity. Navigate life situations more skillfully. For $10, this template comprehensively supports introspection.


6. Daily Journal Notion Template

Daily Journal Notion Template
  • All-in-one dashboard to track daily life - activities, hobbies, tasks, goals.
  • Has buttons for easy use.
  • Created by a Notion Certified expert.
  • Pay what you want pricing, lifetime license, free updates.
  • Rating: 5.0 stars (31 ratings).

Our hectic lives make it easy to lose track of priorities. The Daily Journal Notion Template centrally organizes your daily endeavors. Effortlessly track activities, hobbies, tasks, and goals through this all-in-one dashboard.

User-friendly buttons allow quick navigation and updates. Crafted by certified Notion creators, expect quality adherence.

Daily Activities TrackingRecord and manage daily activities for time efficiency.
Hobbies TrackerEnsure making time for beloved hobbies.
Task ManagementOrganize and stay on top of your to-do lists.
Goal TrackingSet and monitor progress towards aspirations.

The flexible, pay-what-you-want model ensures accessibility. Lifetime license and free updates provide lasting value.

Testimonial: "An absolute game-changer! The all-in-one dashboard helps me track everything - activities, hobbies, tasks, goals. I stay laser-focused and maximize my time." - Emily, 5-star review.

Streamline your daily hustle with the Daily Journal Notion Template's intuitive comprehensiveness.


7. Notion Bullet Journal Template

Notion Bullet Journal Template
  • Daily bullet journal interrupting anxiety through gratitude.
  • Offers light/dark themes, regular updates, satisfaction guarantee.
  • Pay what you want, over 13,900+ downloads.
  • Cost: FREE

Anxiety restricts our outlook, undermining present-moment appreciation. The Notion Bullet Journal Template disrupts anxiety by cultivating daily gratitude. This bullet journal style blends seamlessly with Notion's flexibility.

Track daily thoughts, tasks, and reflections effortlessly. Focusing on gratitude fosters a mindful, appreciative mindset despite life's turbulence.

Daily Gratitude PromptsThoughtful cues to reflect on things you're grateful for.
Task ManagementEasily organize and manage your daily to-do list.
Customizable ThemesChoose between light and dark mode for ideal comfort.
Regular UpdatesConsistent improvements enhancing your experience.

With over 13,900 downloads globally, this template proves popular and accessible thanks to pay-what-you-want pricing.

Testimonial: "Incorporating gratitude daily has completely shifted my perspective. I focus more on life's positives, reducing anxiety while fostering mindfulness." - Mark, satisfied user

Whether managing anxiety, cultivating thankfulness or streamlining organization, leverage this powerful tool.


8. Daily Journal For Life Notion Template

Daily Journal For Life Notion Template
  • Comprehensive journaling for mind decluttering.
  • Includes Brain Dump, Gratitude Journal, Daily Diary, Wishlist sections.
  • Easily customizable with regular reflection encouraged.
  • Free to use with optional tip for the creator.
  • Rating: 5 stars (84 ratings).

Mental clutter accumulates easily in our rushed lives, overwhelming thoughts and impeding productivity. The Daily Journal For Life helps declutter your mind through regular self-reflection.

Key sections include a Brain Dump for releasing pent-up thoughts, Gratitude Journal for fostering appreciation, Daily Diary for recording experiences, and Wishlist for capturing aspirations.

Brain DumpUnleash thoughts to clear your mind.
Gratitude JournalCultivate gratefulness for life's positives.
Daily DiaryChronicle daily experiences and reflections.
WishlistCapture dreams, goals and aspirations.

One major strength is easy customizability tailored to your needs. Plus, it's free to use with an optional tip for the creator if found valuable.

Testimonial: "Life-changing for my well-being! Using the different sections regularly helps declutter my mind, cultivate gratitude, stay focused on goals." - Jessica, 5-star review.

If seeking mental clarity, consistent journaling or sustained focus - this template provides accessible value.


9. Printable & Digital Reflection Journal

Printable & Digital Reflection Journal
  • Collection of journals for reflecting across various timeframes.
  • Includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly review templates.
  • Enhances self-awareness and productivity.
  • Compatible with free and paid Notion accounts.
  • Cost: $3 (discounted $1.20).

Self-reflection boosts self-awareness, growth and productivity. TheVeller's Journal offers templates spanning daily to yearly timeframes for dedicated reflection.

Pause and gain insights from reviewing experiences, goals and growth across these templates:

Daily ReflectionReview daily experiences.
Weekly ReviewAssess weekly progress and improvement areas.
Monthly ReflectionEvaluate monthly accomplishments and setbacks.
Quarterly ReviewComprehensive quarterly goals/achievements analysis.
Yearly ReflectionIn-depth look at annual journey, successes, lessons.

Compatible across free and paid Notion setups, this $3 (or $1.20 discounted) journal fits any workspace affordably.

Testimonial: "These reflection templates have boosted my self-awareness and productivity immensely. The regular reviews help gain valuable insights, track progress and make informed decisions." - Alex, satisfied user.

Invest in elevated self-reflection and growth through this comprehensive yet accessible journal collection.



In our fast-paced world, pausing for self-reflection nurtures personal growth. The 9 Notion journal templates explored offer diverse options supporting your journaling needs.

The Stoic Journal Template provides a structured approach to stoic mindfulness. The Spiritual Growth template enhances spiritual well-being through practices like gratitude journaling.

Inspired by "The Midnight Library," the Self-Reflection Journal cultivates self-awareness through 250+ prompts. The Mood Journal tracks emotions, increasing self-understanding.

The Notion Self-Reflection template's thought-provoking questions deepen introspection gradually. The Daily Journal organizes your life's activities comprehensively.

Disrupting anxiety through gratitude is the focus of the Bullet Journal template. The Daily Journal For Life declutters the mind through sections like Brain Dumps.

Finally, TheVeller's Reflection Journal reviews daily to yearly experiences, supporting productivity alongside self-reflection.

With user-friendly designs, customizations and affordable pricing, these templates cater to all journaling stages. Embrace mindfulness, self-awareness and growth - try these transformative Notion journal templates today!

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