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Top 8 Notion Second Brain Templates You Should Use Today

Our brains are amazing organs, but let's be honest - they weren't designed for the digital age. In today's world, we're bombarded with information and have a million things competing for our attention. This can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed and scattered. How are we supposed to get anything done efficiently?

That's where the concept of a "second brain" comes in. The idea is to use tools like Notion to create an external brain that manages and organizes information for you. By offloading these tasks, you free up mental bandwidth to focus on creativity, strategy, and thinking. Who couldn't use more of that?

If you're ready to level up your productivity with a Notion-powered second brain template, you're in the right place. We've rounded up the top 8 products on the market to help you build your ideal system. Let's dive in!

1. Notion Second Brain by Notionway

Notion Second Brain by Notionway

Notionway's Notion Second Brain offers an all-in-one workspace to organize your digital life.


  • Dashboard view of your key projects, tasks, goals
  • Built-in systems for notes, resources, task management
  • Templates available to kickstart your setup
  • Affiliate program for additional income

With Notion Second Brain, you get a central hub to view everything in one place. The template includes helpful components like an inbox to quickly capture notes, resources, and tasks. It also utilizes Notion's kanban boards for tasks and project management.

For those new to building a Notion second brain, Notionway provides multiple template options to choose from. Their FAQ covers the basics about Notion, templates, and getting started.


  • Personal: $103
  • Team: $258 (multi-user access)

Notionway offers both individual and team pricing options. The team plan allows for shared access and real-time collaboration. Both options include lifetime updates.

2. Notion Second Brain Life OS by Solt Wagner

Notion Second Brain Life OS by Solt Wagner

Solt Wagner's template incorporates the PARA method to help you organize every aspect of your life.


  • Covers projects, tasks, events, finances, and more
  • Integrates the PARA framework
  • Fully customizable to your needs
  • Active Twitter community

PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. By structuring your Notion setup using this methodology, you can build a fluid system tailored to your specific needs. Solt Wagner emphasizes that the Life OS template is flexible enough to manage anything from your fitness routine to side hustles.

This template seems ideal for those seeking a holistic life management solution. Wagner encourages users to engage on Twitter for updates, inspiration, and troubleshooting.


  • $59 one-time payment

For just $59, you get lifetime access to a comprehensive Notion second brain template focused on seamless integration. Updates are also included as Wagner continues improving the template.

3. Second Brain Template by Easlo

Second Brain Template by Easlo

Easlo's Second Brain template brings the PARA method into Notion to facilitate knowledge management.


  • Robust PARA framework implementation
  • Tools for capturing ideas and tasks
  • Track projects and link related data
  • Growing community of 5,000+ users

This template by Notion expert Jason Chin incorporates the pillars of the PARA methodology: Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives. By organizing your Notion workspace in this way, you can easily tether notes, files, and information to relevant projects and topics. Features like Quick Capture also allow you to instantly add tasks, ideas, and bookmarks on the fly.

With over 5,000 users and an engaged community, Easlo seems committed to continuously improving Second Brain based on user feedback. For $79-$99, you get lifetime access, regular updates, and a knowledge base at your fingertips.

4. Second Brain Course by Easlo

Second Brain Course by Easlo

In addition to templates, Easlo also offers an in-depth course on building your Notion second brain step-by-step.


  • 5 modules with actionable lessons
  • Taught by experienced Notion experts
  • Master Notion's full functionality
  • Self-paced and flexible access

The course content spans 5 modules focused on topics like productivity, knowledge management, personal development, and creating an integrated system in Notion.

Led by Notion pros, the lessons aim to help you truly master Notion's capabilities. You'll walk away with a personalized and optimized second brain tailored to your needs. At just $79, you get lifetime access to the materials to work through at your own pace.

5. Notion Second Brain by Matt Bio

Notion Second Brain by Matt Bio

Matt Bio's template utilizes the PARA framework to organize your Notion second brain.


  • Project and task manager
  • Daily and weekly planner
  • Areas to categorize information
  • Mobile-optimized

With components like a task manager, project planner, and areas to compartmentalize your work, this template incorporates the core elements of the PARA system. It also includes weekly reviews and reports to promote reflection and efficiency.

Matt Bio seems to recognize that many users access Notion on mobile devices. His template is designed to be easily navigable and functional across smartphones and tablets.

For $19, you get a straightforward template focused on task and project management within the PARA framework.

6. Supreme Second Brain by iNotion

Supreme Second Brain by iNotion

iNotion's Supreme Second Brain template aims to help you achieve goals and build healthy habits.


  • All-in-one Notion workspace
  • Task capture and quick notes
  • Daily planning system
  • Discounted pricing model

With features designed for capturing tasks and notes on the fly, Supreme Second Brain aims to eliminate friction in getting info into your system. A planning section also facilitates mapping out each day clearly.

iNotion seems committed to making second brain templates accessible and affordable through discounts for those in need. Their FAQs are comprehensive.


  • Starts at $7 (discounts available)

For a template purpose-built to enhance productivity and organization, Supreme Second Brain boasts reasonable base pricing starting at just $7.

7. Notion Brain by iNotion

Notion Brain by iNotion

Notion Brain from iNotion brings the PARA framework into a flexible Notion template.


  • A central hub for tasks and notes
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Pre-built components and examples
  • Clear pricing and discounts

With pre-populated databases and project examples, Notion Brain aims to show you what's possible. Easy drag-and-drop calendars facilitate rescheduling tasks and planning each week.

iNotion builds on the strength of Notion's linked databases by connecting each component for seamless navigation. They also maintain reasonable base pricing starting at $47.


  • Starts at $47 (discounts available)

For a robust Notion template incorporating the PARA system, Notion Brain offers capabilities starting at an affordable price point.

8. Notion Second Brain by Chris

Notion Second Brain by Chris

Chris' Notion templates aim to help build a functional second brain on a budget.


  • Option for a free basic template
  • PARA framework implementation
  • Finance and habit trackers
  • 5-star ratings from 1,000+ reviews

With the option to access a free basic template, Chris' products make Notion second brain creation accessible. For additional features like finance trackers, you can pay what seems fair to upgrade (or enter $0).

These templates boast stellar ratings and reviews from over 1,000 users. Chris also provides his email for direct support questions.


  • Basic: Free
  • Full: Pay what you want

If you're looking to get started without a large upfront investment, Chris' templates offer flexibility. You can test the waters before deciding if you want to upgrade.

Choose the Best Notion Second Brain Template for You

With many excellent options available, the key is identifying a solution aligned with your needs and goals. Consider aspects like:

  • Price: What's your budget? Some products offer free entry points.
  • Complexity: Are you a Notion novice or an expert? Some vendors provide more hand-holding.
  • Support: Look for responsive customer support and an engaged community.
  • Use Cases: Do you want a comprehensive life organization or a simpler task manager? Let your goals guide you.

The right Notion second brain helps transform scattered thoughts into organized systems. Implementing these techniques has helped thousands achieve clarity and productivity. With many great products to choose from, what are you waiting for? Try out a Notion second brain template today!

Please note that the prices mentioned above were accurate at the time of composing this article. For the most up-to-date pricing information for any of the products, kindly refer to the provided links, as prices may have changed since the time of writing.

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