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Navigating Notion Pricing: Finding The Perfect Plan For Your Needs

Notion has become one of the most popular productivity and collaboration tools in recent years. With its flexible workspace and infinite canvass, Notion empowers teams and individuals to organize their work and lives in one unified environment.

However, with its growing popularity comes questions around Notion's pricing and plans. Notion offers several tiers ranging from free to enterprise level options. With so many choices, it can get confusing to figure out which Notion plan is right for your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down Notion's pricing in detail so you can make an informed decision when choosing the best plan for you or your team.

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Overview of Notion's Pricing Plans

Notion offers four main pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Personal Pro
  • Team
  • Enterprise

It also provides an optional AI assistant add-on for enhanced productivity features.

Here's a high-level comparison of Notion's core pricing tiers:

PlanPriceBest ForKey Features
Free$0IndividualsUnlimited blocks, limited collaboration
Personal Pro$4/monthIndividualsUnlimited blocks, advanced permissions
Team$8/member/monthSmall teamsEverything in Personal Pro, for teams
EnterpriseCustomLarge teamsAdvanced security, controls, integrations

Free Plan

Notion's free plan is a great way for individuals to get started with the app. It includes:

  • Unlimited blocks
  • Up to 1,000 content uploads per month
  • Basic workspace analytics
  • Connections to apps like Slack, Trello, etc.
  • 7-day page history
  • Ability to invite up to 10 guest viewers

The free plan allows individuals to organize both their personal and professional workflows in Notion. It's ideal for students, bloggers, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to try Notion for personal use.

However, the free plan has limited collaboration capabilities. You can't add members to your workspace or assign advanced permissions.

Personal Pro Plan

Notion Personal Pro costs $4 per month and adds more advanced features on top of the free plan:

  • Unlimited content uploads
  • 30-day page history
  • Customizable permissions
  • Priority support
  • Invite up to 100 guests

Personal Pro is great for individuals who need more enhanced workspace controls and productivity features. It's optimal for independent professionals, content creators, and anyone with more complex personal knowledge management needs.

Team Plan

Notion's Team plan upgrades collaboration capabilities for groups and teams. Pricing is $8 per member per month billed annually.

The Team plan includes everything in Personal Pro, plus:

  • Unlimited members and guests
  • Advanced administration and permissions
  • Team-only workspaces
  • Bulk PDF export
  • Project management templates
  • 90-day page history

Ideal for small teams and groups up to around 50 people, the Team plan brings the full power of Notion for seamless collaboration. Popular uses cases include product teams, volunteer groups, gaming clubs, student organizations, and more.

Enterprise Plan

For large companies, Notion offers custom Enterprise plans with enhanced security, controls, and integrations.

Pricing is not listed publicly, but it includes all features in the Team plan plus:

  • Advanced authentication (SSO, SCIM)
  • Workspace controls and restrictions
  • Priority support and Customer Success Manager
  • Unlimited version history
  • Dedicated onboarding, training and support

The Enterprise plan is optimized for major companies and organizations with extensive collaboration and security needs. This includes IT admins monitoring workspaces, advanced permissions, auditing content changes, and ensuring company-wide policy compliance.

AI Assistant Add-on

In addition to its core plans, Notion offers an AI Assistant add-on for $8 per member/month.

This unlocks productivity features like:

  • Answering questions about your workspace
  • Writing content summaries
  • Automating data entry

The add-on integrates directly with your workspace to provide helpful AI capabilities on demand.

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What's Included in Each Plan

Notion Plan Table

Now that we've compared the basic tiers, let's look at what you get under the hood with each Notion plan.

Blocks, Bandwidth and Storage

One of Notion's core values is providing unlimited building blocks for thought within its infinite canvas workspace.

FreeUnlimited100GB/month5GB cap
Personal ProUnlimited250GB/month20GB cap
Team/EnterpriseUnlimitedContact salesUnlimited

Even on the free plan, you get unlimited blocks for writing, task management, wikis, and databases. Bandwidth and storage caps only limit how much content like images and files you can embed.

Pro and Team plans offer more generous limits for uploading external media into your workspace. Enterprise plans have no caps at all.

Collaboration Settings and Permissions

Notion plans differ significantly in their collaboration and permission settings.

PlanMembersGuest AccessPermissionsSSO
Free1 owner10 guestsNone
Personal Pro1 owner100 guestsBasic
TeamUnlimited membersUnlimited guestsAdvanced
EnterpriseUnlimited membersUnlimited guestsGranular controls

Free plans only allow guests to access pages, while paid plans enable customizable roles and permissions. Enterprise plans support sophisticated controls like single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM provisioning.

Analytics and Insights

Notion provides basic analytics on free plans, with more advanced reporting available in paid tiers.

PlanAnalyticsExportsAPI access
FreeBasic page insights
Personal ProBasic page insights✅ PDFRead-only
TeamAdvanced analytics✅ PDF, CSVRead-write
EnterpriseUsage reporting✅ PDF, CSV, JSONRead-write

You can export page content as PDFs on Personal Pro and higher. Team plans unlock CSV export and an API for building custom solutions. Enterprise plans get detailed analytics on workspace activity.

Integrations and Connectors

All Notion plans support core integrations with essential work apps.

PlanPopular appsWebhooksBots
FreeSlack, Trello, Gmail, etc
ProGoogle Drive, MailChimp, etc
TeamJira, Figma, GitHub, etc
EnterpriseOffice365, Salesforce, Adobe, etc

Advanced integrations like using the API, webhooks, and bots require Team plans or higher. Enterprise plans can connect with business-critical applications.

Security and Access Controls

For organizations with security concerns, Enterprise plans offer the most locked-down workspaces.

PlanEncryptionSSODevice rulesAudit log
TeamEnhancedSAML 2.0IP allowlisting
EnterpriseEnterprise-gradeSAML, SCIMGranular device access

Only Enterprise plans allow for deep visibility into access history with audit logs and advanced identity management through SCIM provisioning.

Support and Customer Service

Notion offers varying levels of support depending on your plan:

PlanStandard supportPriority supportCSMOnboarding
FreeCommunity forumSelf-serve
ProCommunity forum✅ EmailBasics
TeamCommunity forum✅ Email, chatStandard
EnterpriseCommunity forum✅ 24/7 phone, chat✅ DedicatedCustom

From personalized onboarding to 24/7 support, Enterprise plans get white-glove service and expert guidance tailored to their deployment.

Additional Costs and Discounts

Beyond its core pricing tiers, Notion offers discounts and ways to optimize costs further.

Educational Discounts

Students and teachers can get Notion Personal Pro for free or Team plans discounted to $4 per member monthly. You must verify eligibility with a student email address or school documentation.

Nonprofit Discounts

Registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations also qualify for free Team plans. Up to 100 members can use Notion for free collaboration and knowledge management.

Promo Codes and Coupons

While Notion doesn't offer permanent coupon codes, it sometimes provides promotional discounts on new Personal Pro signups. This can save up to 20-50% off your first year.

Following Notion social media accounts and blogs is the best way to find out about any upcoming promotions or seasonal sales.

Who Each Plan Is Best For

With all the options covered, which Notion plan should you choose? Here are some recommendations based on common use cases.

Individual Personal Use

For personal knowledge management as an individual, Notion's free or Personal Pro plans often provide everything you need. Solo bloggers, students, entrepreneurs, and creatives get the most value here.

The free plan works well if you just want basic notes and task management. Personal Pro adds more advanced features for $4/month, making it a worthwhile upgrade for power users.

Small Teams and Group Collaboration

Once you want to collaborate with others, the Team plan unlocks Notion's full potential for small groups.

The Team plan's unlimited members, advanced permissions, and integrations make it ideal for small teams like:

  • Startups and founding teams
  • Volunteer groups and clubs
  • Gaming clans or guilds
  • Student clubs and organizations
  • Small nonprofits and churches

For less than $10 per month per member, it provides enterprise-grade collaboration tools tailored for groups under 50 people.

Large Companies and Enterprise Teams

Larger organizations need the enhanced security, integrations, and controls provided in Notion's Enterprise plan.

The Enterprise plan is designed for companies that need:

  • Strict data confidentiality and access controls
  • Seamless integration with existing cloud tools
  • Audit logs and change tracking
  • Sophisticated identity management
  • Guaranteed uptime and data integrity

Its customizable deployment options make it a versatile knowledge management solution for large teams.

Classrooms and Educational Use

Thanks to its free educational discounts, Notion can make an excellent classroom tool for teachers and students.

Educators can organize curriculum and grades in Notion for free with a school email address. Students can collaborate on group projects and manage assignments.

Notion fosters digital literacy and information management skills that benefit education. Its versatility works well for blended remote learning programs too.

FAQs on Notion Pricing

Is Notion really free to use?

Yes, Notion offers a free plan with unlimited blocks and basic collaboration capabilities. There are some limits on things like storage and team access, but you can use Notion's core features at no cost.

What subscription do I need for X feature?

Notion has a feature comparison table showing which plan is required for different capabilities. For example, API access and priority support require a paid Team plan at minimum.

How do I qualify for a student discount?

Students need a verified school email address to get discounted Personal Pro ($4/month) or Team plans ($4/member/month). You may need to provide documentation to confirm current student status.

Can I switch between plans at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Notion plan at any point. Your new plan pricing and features take effect on your next billing cycle.

Tips for Choosing the Right Plan

Here are a few best practices when selecting a Notion plan:

Estimate your usage - How many blocks and pages will you need? Are you nearing storage limits?

Evaluate collaboration needs - Do you need guest access or advanced permissions?

Compare integrations - Which apps do you need to connect with Notion?

Check page history length - How far back do you need version history?

See if you qualify for discounts - Students, teachers, nonprofits may get special pricing.

Start with the free plan - Test drive Notion's core features for free first.


With Personal, Team, and Enterprise options, Notion provides pricing plans tailored to every use case. Whether you're an individual, small team, or large organization, Notion can scale to meet your needs.

By mapping out your specific requirements around collaboration, security, storage, and integrations, you can select the perfect Notion plan for your productivity.

Notion's generous free offering makes it easy to try out for personal knowledge management at no cost. For unlimited team access and more robust features, affordable paid plans add capabilities without breaking the bank.

Notion's pricing plans remove barriers to using their flexible workspace to empower productivity and collaboration. With the right plan chosen, you can organize all your tasks, notes, docs and projects in one unified environment with Notion.

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