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How To Change The Font In Notion

Tired of staring at the same old boring font every time you open your Notion workspace? Want to add some visual flair and customization to your docs, pages, and databases? You're not alone. Many Notion users find themselves wondering, "Why can't I change the font on Notion?"

The good news is you absolutely can customize fonts in Notion! With just a few simple steps, you can configure different fonts to give your Notion workspace a unique look and feel.

While Notion only offers a handful of basic font options, there are easy workarounds to access thousands of fonts. With the help of handy font generators, you can level up your Notion pages with unique, eye-catching fonts.

In this visual guide, we'll walk through exactly how to change fonts in Notion. Get ready to make your productivity pages, vision boards, and notes stand out!

How To Change Font On Notion

Changing fonts on Notion is a breeze once you know the simple steps. Let's walk through how to access and switch between different fonts to customize your pages.

Navigating to Font Settings

First up, we need to navigate to the font formatting options. Here's how:

Open the specific Notion page where you want to change the font. This can be an existing page or a new blank one.

In the top right corner of the page, you'll see a small three-dot icon next to the page name. Click on this to open the page menu.

This menu contains all your page settings and options.

Picking from the Default Fonts

Once you click those three dots, the page settings menu will pop open.

Right away in the font section, you'll see three default fonts to choose from:

  • Default
  • Serif
  • Mono

These are the only built-in fonts that Notion offers.

To switch between them, just click on the font you want in the menu and it'll immediately change the text to that new font. Super simple!

While handy, these three fonts don't provide much creative flexibility. But thankfully, there is a workaround...

Introducing Font Generators

Since Notion doesn't allow direct font uploads, we need an outside solution. That's where free font generator sites come in handy!

Font generators let you easily create text in any font you want. You simply:

  1. Copy/paste text into the generator
  2. Select a font to style the text
  3. Copy the new text back into Notion

It's a quick copy-paste process to access thousands of fonts. No downloads needed!

Here are two excellent font generators to use with Notion:

  • FontSpace - Massive font library with tons of stylized display fonts
  • IGFonts - Simple interface and all the trendy/popular font options

Now let's see this font changing process in action...

Changing Fonts in Notion

Follow along with the visuals below to change your Notion fonts using a generator:

1. Copy text from Notion

First, copy or type out the text you want to style into your Notion page:

Copying the header text to style

2. Paste into font generator

Next, head to your font generator site and paste the text into the text box:

Pasting the Notion text into FontSpace

3. Choose a font

Now the fun part - browse the font options and pick one you like! Here we're going with the Blackletter font. Once generated, copy the new styled text from the font generator:

Selecting the Blackletter font and copying the text converted

4. Paste into Notion

Lastly, head back to Notion and paste the text into your page:

Pasting the styled text back into the Notion page

The text will retain its new font formatting when pasted - font changed!

Rinse and repeat this process to customize all your headers, text elements, and more.

Creative Ways for Custom Fonts

Now that you know how to change the font on Notion pages, how will you use your new skill?

Here are some creative ideas:

Fun headers - Transform boring titles with stylized display fonts:

Handwritten text - Add a handwritten font to checklists to mimic handwriting:

Retro vibes - Use retro/vintage fonts for timelines and book/movie titles:

Clear code - Improve code readability with mechanical, monospace fonts.

The options are endless! Play around with font pairings and let your creative vision shine.

Notion Font Customization

Here are some additional pointers to help you take your Notion font game to the next level:

  • Changes to fonts will apply only to the specific workspace they are made in. You can create multiple Notion workspaces to design different font schemes for various purposes.
  • Take advantage of Notion's other text formatting options like toggling text elements as headers, bulleted lists, numbered lists, dividers etc. This can add visual structure.
  • Currently there is no way to change font colors in Notion. So font type, size, and style are your main options for now.
  • Use page templates and workspaces wisely to retain and propagate any font changes you make across your docs.
  • Explore Notion's other personalization settings beyond fonts like toggling dark/light mode, adjusting colors, adding custom icons etc.

The ability to tailor default and page-specific fonts gives you extensive control over the look, feel, and reading experience in your Notion workspace.

So now there's no need to wonder "How do I change the font in Notion?"! You're equipped with all the knowledge needed to customize Notion fonts to suit your exact needs and preferences.

Addressing Common Concerns

Let's address some common concerns that users have when it comes to changing fonts in Notion.

Can You Change Font in Notion?

Yes, you can change the font in Notion. While Notion has limitations on font customization, there are still several options available for changing and customizing fonts.

Difficulties in Changing Fonts

If you're experiencing difficulties in changing fonts in Notion, try refreshing your page or clearing your cache. If the issue persists, reach out to Notion's support team for assistance.

Accessibility and Usability Guidelines

When customizing your Notion fonts, it's essential to respect accessibility and usability guidelines. Avoid using fonts that are difficult to read or that may cause eye strain.

Unlock Endless Font Possibilities

As you can see, accessing and changing fonts for Notion is quick and easy with font generators. The step-by-step visuals make it even simpler.

Now that you know how to unlock Notion's font potential, how will you customize your pages? With the thousands of fonts at your fingertips, you can give your productivity system a stylized makeover.

So try out new fonts, make visually engaging pages, and take your Notion skills to the next level. Let us know how font generators have improved your workflow!

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